It is recommended to arrive three hours before the indicated departure time for international flights and one hour for domestic flights.

You can use official taxis (red), private shuttle and public bus of Pulmitan, route Liberia- Airport-Liberia; or Transportes La Pampa, route Liberia- Nicoya-Liberia.

Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport is located in Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

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The departure tax in Costa Rica is US $29.00 and applies to both nationals and foreigners of all ages. You should find out if the departure tax is included in your airplane ticket. If it is not included, you must pay the amount of US $29.00 in Bancrédito counter located in the airport lobby.

This information is available on the website of the Central American Corporation of Air Navigation Services, in the section “Entry, Transit of Passengers and Crewmen” download the document referring to Costa Rica.

You can contact the Operations Department of Coriport at (506) 2666-9600, so they can coordinate with the corresponding entity to address the situation.

The minor needs to have a valid passport and the permission issued by the General Directorate of Migration. It must have the authorization signature of both parents and a copy of the identity card.

In order for the minor to travel alone, the requirements are regulated by the General Directorate of Migration, who grant the travel permit with the prior authorization of the minor’s parents. Once with the Migration permit, the adult will hand over the minor to someone form the airline staff, who will be in charge of the custody of the minor until delivering it to the person in charge in the destination country.

It must be applied to people from geographical risky areas, as well as people who live in the country and travel to risky countries before returning to Costa Rica. This vaccine should be applied 10 days before entering the national territory, while those who leave the country should apply it 10 days before their trip. You must present a document issued by the health center or pharmacy that confirms the application of the vaccine. The risk areas are the following:

  • Africa: Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Sudan.
  • South America: Bolivia, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador.
  • Caribbean: French Guiana.

You must contact the airline in order to request the assistance. The airline will be responsible for providing assistance.

The maximum weight established for the baggage depends on the policies of each airline, as well as the corresponding charges for excess baggage.

During high season the airport operates from 03:30 to 24:00 hrs. During low season, the schedule is from 06:00 to 24:00 hrs.

So far the parking service is free. However, discretion is suggested when leaving your belongings inside the vehicle, although the area is supervised with surveillance cameras, it is still a public access area.

The Wi-Fi service for passengers is free using LIR-Free network.

In Guanacaste you can visit any of the beautiful beaches, volcanoes, or tropical forests that are near the airport. For more details, see the following link

At the time of arriving to the airport, your pet must bring a certificate issued by a veterinarian that includes the name, breed, specifications in order to confirm that the animal is up to date with the vaccines and the health condition. That certificate along with the pet must be presented at the corresponding counter of your flight to authenticate if the animal complies with the guidelines established by the airline. If so, the airline contacts SENASA to proceed with the validation seal. The passenger must pay the departure tax of the animal. For more details you can contact SENASA at (506) 2668-1475

Directly on each airline’s website since the requirements and guidelines may slightly vary between one to another. In the following link you can have a brief description of the allowed articles.

The passenger must bring a medical certificate that validates this particularity. Otherwise, the passenger will not be allowed to travel.

You must contact the corresponding airline or contact the General Administration of Civil Aviation at 2242-8000 ext 8701, 8703 or 8707 

To do a follow up, passengers should contact the administration of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation at 2242-8000 ext 8701, 8703 or 8707 

If it is a damaged or lost item inside the plane, the claim process is carried out with the respective airline. If the item is lost at the airport terminal, the claim must be filed with the General Administration of Civil Aviation at 2242-8000 ext 8701, 8703 or 8707 

Please contact the airline with your luggage information.

There is free medical assistance provided by Costa Rican Red Cross.

The design of the terminal, parking lots, restrooms and other facilities are adapted to comply with all the standards stipulated under law 7600.

The establishments inside the airport are equipped with devices to make the payment with your credit card.

You can travel to Houston, Atlanta, Miami, Newark, Dallas, Charlotte, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, London, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Panama, Minneapolis, Boston, Baltimore, Edmonton, Denver.

Yes, we have three money exchange counters located in the lobby, baggage claim and boarding room.

Right next to the arrival area, there is a Kolbi counter where you can buy mobile phone cards.

Yes, there are located in the baggage claim area. Inside the airport you can find the services of ANC, Budget and Economy.

At the moment the airport has fast food restaurants, sports bars and a mini market for the enjoyment of our visitors.

Due to airport security policies, there is no designated area for this purpose. But the sidewalk in front of arrivals is a public access area, so there will be no problem waiting for family or friends upon arrival in the country.

Companies interested in becoming commercial tenants within the airport should contact Coriport, who is the company responsible for establishing lease agreements.

Each company within the airport has its own recruitment and selection process. If you are interested in Coriport you can send your CV to