• Space amenities are available for only $28 per passenger and through many other financial arrangements and facilities.
  • Investment exceeded $670 thousand to equip space.


Liberia, 20 de diciembre de 2018. Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport opened the doors of its new hall V.I.P. The new state-of-the-art room has capacity for 80 people and has facilities such as Wi-Fi broadband, cable television, air conditioning and furniture that has as purpose to have both rest areas and work areas. 

The 358-square-meter room offers passengers free cold and hot snacks for all meal times. The menu features cereals, wraps, yogurts, salads, soups and a variety of sweet and savory breads. Additionally, hot and cold drinks are offered such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, soft drinks, red wines, white wines and beers.

“For Liberia International Airport, Guanacaste, it is important to work for the comfort of the tourist. The opening of the new V.I.P.  gives a series of advantages, opens the doors to a select group of passengers who look for these comforts when traveling and can find them for a competitive cost “said César Jaramillo, General Manager of CORIPORT.

For the administrator of the V.I.P. Room, this facility places Liberia in a good position at a regional level. “The international passenger is used to and demands a high level of satisfaction when waiting at airports. The V.I.P. Liberia meets these requirements of quality and exclusivity, we offer unbeatable customer service, which makes the last tourist experience before leaving Costa Rica something pleasant that invites you to return, “said Gian Carlo Mazzali.

The investment of the new V.I.P. lounge exceeds $670 thousand and is at the height of the best V.I.P. of international airports, with a refined and cozy Costa Rican style. With this work Liberia Airport completes a series of facilities in which it has worked in recent years, to date has a modern terminal of more than 25 thousand square meters with all facilities for both incoming and outgoing passengers.

This work also foresees the 7% increase in passenger traffic projected by the concessionaire for 2019. The opening of the VIP lounge is part of the improvements that have been made since the expansion of the terminal and seeks to please passengers who want more comfort.