• The airlines are also announcing its environmental effort aligning to Montreal Protocol.
  • The certification was granted by EARTH University in the commemoration of the Environment Month.

Liberia. This morning, Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport (AIDOQ) received the accreditation as Carbon Neutral issued by Environment and Energy Minister (MINAE). The Terminal Building has become the first airport terminal in the region to be certified with this recognition.

The award consolidates the airport’s environmental commitment and boosts the efforts that have been done lately. For example, a few months ago, the terminal started to implement the environmental logistic centre in order to do an appropriate compensation of aircraft garbage disposal and the ones generated in the terminal. The 18 airlines that are currently working at the airport have agreed to align their environmental procedures to line with the most modern and environmental friendly equipment.

“Carbon Neutrality is a serious commitment. We are committed to contribute towards a green country and accomplish high environment goals. To be certified as Carbon Neutral encourages us to take permanent actions in order to improve and protect the environment” quoted César Jaramillo, CORIPORT CEO.

On the other hand, EARTH University emphasizes that the accreditation implies a significant commitment to compensate aerial pollution variables.

“In order to get the Carbon Neutral certification, the airport went through 5 different processes to validate its commitment towards the environment: realization of greenhouse gas inventory, reduction of emissions, removal / compensation, verification and delivery of certification. On behalf of EARTH University, we’re proud that an airport had successfully accomplished the five stages. This organization is a proven example for environment promotion stated Edmundo Castro, C-Neutral Unit Director.

The certification includes the quantification of greenhouse gases, the development of reduction projects, the management of waste and the recovery of refrigerant gases. This set of actions allowed a reduction of 148 tons of Carbon Dioxide in 2016, compared to 2015, which was taken as the base year.

In addition, the airport offset emissions that could not be reduced through the acquisition of Costa Rican Compensation Units (CCU). The same process will be carried out every year.

In order to accomplish the certification, Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport made operative adjustments in a way that the total greenhouse gas emissions have an average reduction of 3%.


Since 2010, Concessionaire of Costa Rica in charge of the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the new passenger’s terminal and landing related to the International Airport Daniel Oduber Quirós. Since 2016, the terminal receives over a million passengers per year due to the operation of 18 airlines and an average of 30 daily international flights.

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